Auction Info

The auction industry has come a long way in the past 20 years or so, and in progressing as it has, buyers and sellers now have more access to each other, creating a much more attainable global connection, and a substantially larger market for both buyer and seller.

TRADITIONAL AUCTIONS: Traditional auctions are what most of us think of when thinking of a sale. Wherein all of the items are brought to one location and sold in front of the registered bidders. These types of sales continue to be very popular and effective. We offer these services, and with the addition of our online bidding platform, have brought our live “ground” bidders together with our online “virtual” bidders, ensuring that your items sell for top dollar.

VIRTUAL AUCTIONS: Virtual auctions have grown wildly popular in the past 15 years. People are working more than ever, and the ability to bid from their computers or phones has come to be an incredible convenience. This is very popular when selling heavy equipment, automobiles, farm equipment, industrial machinery, and valuable antiques and pieces of art. There is no moving of items when choosing to have a strictly virtual sale. Our representative comes to you, gathers the information, and gets it advertised to the world. These types of sales have been regularly bringing sellers remarkable sale prices for their items, and eliminate any shipping, or freight charges that may have incurred if you were to have to move items to a specific location. These sales can also be smaller than traditional ground sales, so the quantity of the items being sold is no longer something that will effect the results of the auction.

TIMED SALES: Timed sales are becoming more popular and are effective when there are a limited amount of items to be sold, or for market specific items, such as specialized industrial machinery, tooling, or a bulk amount of a specific item, such as electronics. etc.

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